An interesting introspection through inebriation

Systema teaches us our strengths and weaknesses, it teaches us to know ourselves.

But how much do we really know ourselves?

The reality of things is that despite the fact that we train while being lucid in a normal environment, there will be times when alcohol is involved and judgment and abilities are hindered.

If you are less than sober, how will you react? Will it be enough? Too much?

Systema Hong Kong is proud to once again lead the way in innovation with the very first workshop that aims to answer this question: The Tipsy workshop!


What the workshop is NOT:

The tipsy workshop is NOT just getting drunk, it is inebriation with a learning purpose.

The instructor does not drink during the workshop

What the workshop is:

The goal is to re-create the same state one is in when going out on the town. Regardless if you drink a little or a lot, the workshop looks to help you explore and evaluate your skills and how you handle yourself after having a few drinks.

The workshop will last approximately 4 hours and will cover both standing and ground work as well as giving and taking strikes

Who the workshop is open to:

  • Existing students
  • Past students


Register here

Friday April 1st 2016 – 19:30

Workshop is limited to 15 people


HKD $500 – Drinks included


Participants must of legal drinking age

ID will be verified