Systema Hong Kong founders, Janik Litalien and Look Yu Hei Luce, Head Systema Instructors in Hong Kong have been personally trained and certified by Vladimir Vasiliev and Mikhail Ryabko.

Their continuing training has brought them to train with top Systema instructors such as Daniil Ryabko, Sonny Puzikas, Kevin Secours, Emmanuel Manolakakis, Andrey Karimov, Valentin Talanov, Aslan Guseynov, Vladimir Zaikovski and many others. Please note that as previously mentioned, training is always ongoing so this list is continuously growing .

Janik Litalien

Born in eastern Quebec in Canada, Janik studied Karate in his younger years and then stopped martial arts for a few years. When he finally was ready to return to martial arts, he could not find anything where he fit in. When a friend suggested Systema, gave it a try and found his calling.

While living in Toronto, Janik studied Systema intensively for 5 years under the ongoing tutelage of worldwide Systema authority Emmanuel Manolakakis. Janik has also trained and been certified by both founders of Systema: Mr. Vladimir Vassiliev in Toronto and Colonel Mikhail Ryabko in Moscow. Janik has also trained with multiple other instructors and his training is ongoing.




Luce Look Yu Hei

Luce began his path through his interest in Professional Wrestling along with MMA and UFC. This motivated his initial choice to study Brazilian Ju-Jitsu in 2000. Luce then began training in Systema in 2005. His main interest lies ground and submission work.

In 2011, Luce took his Systema training further and was certified by both Mr. Vladimir Vassiliev in Toronto and Colonel Mikhail Ryabko in Moscow and is the first Hong Kongese to hold the title of Systema instructor.




Arjan “AJ” Van De Laak

AJ grew up in Vught, a rural village near forested areas in the Southern Dutch province of North Brabant. Never really into sports nor martial arts until he discovered kung fu through countless old school movies in the late eighties.

AJ, spent many years (1988 – 1999) training the White Eyebrow Style under the late Sifu Jie Kon Sieuw.

After  he moved to Hong Kong, AJ discovered Systema where he found the freedom he was seeking. AJ has been active and involved with Systema Hong Kong since its very beginning.

AJ also practices Liechtenauer German Longsword fighting.