What is Systema in the Park?

Systema Hong Kong Classes started in Kowloon park. Since then, we’ve changed a few times and our indoor locations have gotten better and have become our home.

However, a longing for those open spaces, greenery and fresh air still remains in many of us. We therefore decided that revisiting our roots, in the park, where it all started, would be good for all…But we are adding a few twists to it:

We will bring Systema to various Hong Kong parks all over the city, in Kowloon, the New territories and even on the other side of the Pearl River.

How much does it cost ?

Park classes are HKD $ 300 and the proceeds

of these park classes are donated to the Action Asia Foundation.

The Action Asia Foundation’s credo has always been that outdoor activities can play a crucial role in encouraging personal development.

As Systema Hong Kong’s pride resides in the success of it’s students, we are honored to share this common goal

Where are the classes?

Click on the links below for more info