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  Breathwork & Combat

Valentin Talanov is one of the top Specialists, Instructor and Trainer of Systema since 1982 under Mikhail Ryabko. He is an experienced street and tournament fighter, health and conditioning trainer of world class athletes and KS master of boxing. Valentin’s amazing power and skill is featured in his DVD Breathwork and Combat. Konstantin Komarov is a Major in the Special Service Police Force, has a PhD in combat Psychology and is a Professional Bodyguard for Moscow’s Elite. Valentin and Konstantin are 2 of the chief instructors at Systema at Full Range Camp 2012. They will present outstanding Systema training, drills, demonstrations, insights. 3 hours of non-stop Systema Training on Fighting and Healing plus 3 hours of non-stop Systema from Military to Civilian

  Fundamentals of Knife Disarming

Unarmed against the blade…be sure to prevail!
Vladimir Vasiliev, a 10-year veteran of an elite Russian Special Operations Unit, reveals the ancient secrets of Systema. Benefit from the battle-proven skills of the professional close-quarter knife fighters. A top combat expert shows everything you need to know for cutting-edge self-defense.

Critics say this phenomenal instructor has written a new page in the history of martial arts. Click here for a quick preview

  Knife: Unconditional Mastery

The most comprehensive lessons on choosing your blade and the history of knives, swift draws on the move and subtle conceals, as well as an unbelievable variety of cutting and stabbing work, developing speed, agility, peripheral vision, wrist power and dexterity, precision of contact and dosage of impact, 5 levels of fear and fear dissipation, professional work with the handle, tip and flat of the blade, and effects of weapons on your psyche.

Realize how tension causes loss of speed and accuracy, leads to injuries, and increased bleeding. Meet the double challenge of realistic knife fighting – knife cuts and stabs combined with strikes, pushes, holds and ground work.

Experience the rarely seen professional Short Work in action; cutting through 2 attackers in one slash, working with 2 blades in one hand, and flash disarms of 3 knife-wielding attackers!

Learn to cut through your fear and arm yourself with Unconditional Mastery.

  Dynamic Joint Breaks

Vladimir Vasiliev of the Russian Special Operations Unit, renowned co-founder of Systema Russian Martial Art, reveals the professional methods of Dynamic Joint and Limb Destruction. These proven tactics emerge from no-second-chance, life and death encounters. These tactics are done on the move and impact both upper and lower limbs. Calm, subtle, precise; they permanently eliminate your opponent’s capacity to do any harm.

With step-by-step instruction and real time demonstrations, this film is so easy to follow, learn and even teach to others!

Vasiliev uncovers the three training elements you need to gain control and prevail. He presents a limitless variety of impeccable techniques, along with smooth and effortless movements.
See how he utilizes only his body position and intelligent force while his opponents fall broken in body and spirit.

Learn what it takes to create advantage when there are no conventional options left. Click here for a quick preview

  Contact, Impact and Control

A dynamic seminar on total preparation for contact in confrontations. Absolutely unique warm-ups and breath training, work with endurance, evasions and interceptions, subtle punches, punches from the ground, defense and offense through tension, drills of taking tension out of the body and empowering every movement with effortless control.

Enjoy a perfect series of Systema exercises focused on developing flawless movement & striking abilities, dissipating soreness, stretching through the threshold of pain, gaining understanding of what “relaxed” really means, knocking out fear and achieving internal strength. Click here for a quick preview


  Beat the Odds

You face an attacker… Then another appears at your side… Now you hear a noise from behind…
This is the brutal reality of small group attacks by 2 or 3 cruel assailants. This is the threat scenario that most martial arts do not teach, do not want you wondering about, and do not want to admit even exists. Because it looks like the toughest of all.

Learn what it takes to break the attacks, deliver and avoid multiple strikes, kicks, grabs, timing, distance, preemptive moves, single blows to multiple targets, redirecting and lightening-fast short work, disarming knives and sticks, indoors and outside, as well as the previously unrevealed mechanism: Transformation of Strikes. Thugs do not take chances – they make sure the odds are always in their favor. Your only chance is to turn the tables and when the odds are against you – Beat Them Down! Click here for a quick preview

  Improvised Weapons

See how personal items can turn into deadly weapons.

The aggressor in a self-defense situation will always seem to have some advantage over you; be it size or surprise or weapons or just plain ‘killer instinct’. But how can you guarantee to always be armed? In this absolutely jaw-dropping DVD, a master of Russian Systema, Vladimir Vasiliev, demonstrates the indescribable defensive effectiveness of everything you carry in daily life.

Keys, caps, belts, jackets, umbrellas, pencils and books are such commonplace objects, yet they can be used to obliterate vicious knife attacks, holds, punches and gun threats. The effortless, natural creativity demonstrated in this film will spill over far beyond martial arts training, into every area of your work and your life.

You will never see your surroundings or yourself in the same way ever again. Your mind will be permanently opened to the incredible power of everything around you. Click here for a quick preview

  Car Fight

This DVD is a unique, front line look at Defense and Survival in and around your car or van. Gain from the covert crime prevention and combat experience of the top Russian professionals.

Be ready to defeat the most vicious attacks and learn the special skills needed to survive Criminal Assaults, Road Based Hostility, Carjacking, Accidents, and Terrorism. See how to control your fear and panic. Observe how to move in and around a vehicle. Discover how to take action and prevail in the most life-threatening situations. Essential viewing for all drivers and passengers! Click here for a quick preview

  Systema Breathing

Learn the secrets of the Russian Breath Masters through this comprehensive course of breath training drills.
Easy movements, exceptional breathing tactics and truly profound underlying principles create an ideal exercise progression.

If you are an athlete, Systema Breathing is your ultimate tool to vastly advance your performance! If you are seeking to enhance your life – this is the best way to uncover the infinite reserves of energy, power, health, and happiness that you hold. Click here for a quick preview


Summer & Winter Outdoor training
Explore the many aspects of hand-to-hand combat including physical and psychological conditioning, strikes, grabs, multiple attackers and of course, knife fighting outdoors in varied terrain and weather. The Fightclub Summer and Winter Outdoor Training video presents a truly unique style and format.
Charting the Course
Senior Systema Instructor Emmanuel Manolakakis charts the course to improve your skills in this dynamic seminar filmed in Roanoke VA.Day One: Drills to relax and let go, Building perception, Understanding Fear, Movement and FocusDay Two: Drills to gain precision, Breathing and recovery, Using the legs, Using the knife
  Systema Training at Fightclub (Sold out)

History & Philosophy of the System, specialized drills for strength & health, Hand 2 Hand Combat Applications, Ground Fighting Applications, Knife Fighting Applications, Live Seminar footage, demonstrations and much, much more…

beyondthefirearm Beyond the Firearm part 2
By Sonny PuzikasBeyond the Firearm: Part II” DVD takes all aspects of training with the Kalashnikov rifles (and most of the material presented is applicable to work with non-AK rifles) to the new level of substance and unprecedented depth of training. Over two hours and nine chapters of substance.
  Wrestling: Systema Fundamentals (Amazon Download)

Based on his profound knowledge of Systema and vast military experience, Mikhail gives you the core, the very essence of Wrestling, the true foundation to any combat including the strategies to develop Breathing, Avoid Injuries, Maximize your Body and Strengthen your Psyche.

From basic form and movement, he provides you with exceptional Dynamic-Free-Flow Drills, teaches you to unlock your Ultimate Potential and free yourself from your worst opponents – Tension and Fear. This program is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before! Click here for a quick preview

  Fundamentals of Knife Disarming (Amazon Download)

Unarmed against the blade…be sure to prevail!
Vladimir Vasiliev, a 10-year veteran of an elite Russian Special Operations Unit, reveals the ancient secrets of Systema. Benefit from the battle-proven skills of the professional close-quarter knife fighters. A top combat expert shows everything you need to know for cutting-edge self-defense.

Critics say this phenomenal instructor has written a new page in the history of martial arts. Click here for a quick preview