Who we are and what we do:


Founded in 2010, Systema Hong Kong is HK’s only certified Russian Martial Art training school.

It covers strikes, grabs, ground fighting, multiple attackers, mass fighting, conventional & unconventional weapons and body guarding applications. It is unlike any other “Traditional” martial art.


The Training

The training methods are very different from the traditional martial arts approach.

Our environment strives to be fun, positive and safe. We have a dynamic and refreshing approach to learning, self defence and the importance of protecting your loved ones and yourself. We seek to educate and provide knowledge that is practical in everyday life. We go beyond martial arts principles, traditions and techniques. There are no beginners vs. advanced classes. We are open to all. Our training is designed so that everyone receives extremely beneficial practice and achieves quick results. Our atmosphere is open, friendly and highly productive.

Our training isn’t for competition and we have no belts or rehearsed choreographed dances that might somehow save you. Our drills are tried, tested and true. Our techniques are modern and applicable to every possible scenario: Stuck in the MTR and someone is out of control? Minding your own business in a crowded bar when thugs jump you? No problem.

We will help you develop the skill set necessary to protect yourself, your friends and your loved ones. Give us a try. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. You will immediately see the benefits and how you can utilize this martial art to your advantage.

You don’t have a martial arts background? Welcome aboard. Law enforcement officers, security guards, military or students of any martial art are all welcome.

Class Size and duration:


To ensure individual approach and efficient learning, the average class size is of 8 to 15 people and lasts 1:30. Saturday afternoon’s class lasts 2h.

Private instruction is available and a great way to compliment your training. For more info please contact us at +852 6443 5227




The minimum age to train is 16. We can train students as young as 14 however we require parental approval. Contact us in such cases.




No uniforms. Most students favor military fatigues but the important thing is to be comfortable: sweatpants, t-shirt etc.