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Systema Hong Kong is the only official Systema training school in HK .

Systema Hong Kong founders, Janik Litalien and Look Yu Hei Luce, Head Systema Instructors in Hong Kong have been personally trained and certified by Vladimir Vasiliev and Mikhail Ryabko.

Their continuing training has brought them to train with top Systema instructors such as Daniil Ryabko, Sonny Puzikas, Kevin Secours, Emmanuel Manolakakis, Andrey Karimov, Valentin Talanov, Aslan Guseynov, Vladimir Zaikovski and many others. Please note that as previously mentioned, training is always ongoing so this list is continuously growing .

Though derived from a 1000-year-old Cossack fighting technique, Systema, as it was taught to us, was designed for the Red Army. There they have no time to waste.

Systema dispenses with fancy uniforms and colourful belts.

Systema is based on a person’s natural movements, his reactions to unpredictable circumstances. Most of these reactions come from the inborn defensive instincts. In a street fight no two situations are ever the same, thus it is impossible to prepare you and memorize all variations of techniques.

This way, it is a lot more practical and effective to become consciously aware of your natural moves. To understand them, and use them as a basis for further work and to ‘teach your body to think

If you need more info on us, don’t hesitate to ask and drop us a line at info@systemahongkong.com

Systema Shenzhen Class 12.22 (40)a  Class of April 20 2013 (8)
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