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Fall 2017Women and Systema婦女與俄羅斯武術What is Systema?甚麼是俄羅斯武術?Regular Classes常規課程Fall 2017RTHK香港電台 功夫傳奇特輯: 俄國戰武-西斯特瑪 (Systema) 12.28.2013RTHK’s Kung-Fu Quest 3: Battle frontier feat. Systema 12.28.2013

Derived from a 1000-year-old Cossack fighting technique, Systema, as it was taught to us, was designed for the Red Army. There they have no time to waste. 

Systema dispenses with fancy uniforms and colourful belts.


Systema is based on a person’s natural movements, his reactions to unpredictable circumstances. Most of these reactions come from the inborn defensive instincts. In a street fight no two situations are ever the same, thus it is impossible to prepare you and memorize all variations of techniques.


This way, it is a lot more practical and effective to become consciously aware of your natural moves. To understand them, and use them as a basis for further work and to “teach your body to think”


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  • Upcoming events

    The Roots Dojo Seminar November 3-5 2017

  • What is Systema?

    The Russian style of martial art dates back to the 10th century (Read more)

  • Prices

    Regular classes, student prices, private training and more...

  • Systema: Student Stress relief

    Systema offers its students a clean smart way to balance it all while getting exercise and managing stress

  • Women and Systema

    The best way to defend against men? Train with them!

  • Schedule

    If this is your first visit, please arrive 15-20 minutes before class

  • Locations

    We are currently located in 2 different locations in Causeway Bay.

  • Systema Classes

    Systema covers strikes, grabs, ground fighting, multiple attackers, mass fighting, conventional & unconventional weapons and body guarding applications. It is unlike any other “Traditional” martial art.

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